Small Woodshop Dust Collection System

In my woodworking workshop, I have several large machines that generate dust.  I have a Table Saw, a Radial Arm Saw, A large Bandsaw, a small Bandsaw, a 12” Planer, and a Router table. There is a King scrollsaw that my partner uses and I do a considerable amount of sanding and planing as well as generate dust from Circular Saws, a Drill Press, and my Lathe.  I am in need of a small woodshop dust collection system that will get a handle on all of this dust created by my woodworking activities.

How Does a Dust Collection System Work?

A dust collection system generates a high-velocity stream of air to draw the dust and small particles into a hose.  The hose deposits this dust into a chamber where the dust is removed from the air.

Many Woodshops will have a central dust collection system that is connected to the large machines by dust collection conduit.  Other Woodshops will have dedicated dust collection machines for each tool. Some small Woodshops will have a system that is portable and can be moved to the location that is generating the dust where it is being created.

I have implemented a combination of these solutions.  A three-pronged approach is the best solution. I have a small single-stage dust collector near the scroll saw and drum sander, and a portable 2 stage dust collector for the larger tools. A shop vac with pre-separator services the small tools.  Overhead a box fan will collect the fine dust through a standard home air f