Over the years I’ve been playing with wood.

I have a reverence for trees.


There is nothing quite so satisfying as taking a tree, breaking it down into smaller parts and putting them back together in a new beautiful form.


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Most Recent Projects

Live Edge Wood Benches

Two Live Edge Wood Benches created from the Yellow Pine that I milled in 2017 were produced as firepit chairs. We wanted something rustic so the two-inch thick pine worked nicely for this project.  I used some pallet wood supports for the cross pieces for the benches and left the milling marks and staining on the surface.  They are stable heavy and look very rustic with a minimum amount of spit and polish.
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As a long-time Woodworker, I've built a variety of large and small projects.  I've learned to use the tools available to me to get the job done.

I'm currently without a shop to work in and am making do with a covered carport.  But I need to work with wood or I'll go crazy.

Follow along on my journey to rebuild my woodworking shop and start a business from the ground up.

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