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Every tree has a story, I find an amazing assortment of these inside each tree.

A new perspective follows me into the woods searching for the heart that each tree has to offer.

My lifetime search leads me to discover the hidden gems and the masterpiece that lies within.


Join the search, follow me and learn!

Wooden Sailboat Wall Hanging

Wooden Sailboat Wall Hanging Overall FinishedSalvaged Oak from Hilton Head Island cried out to be sculpted into something with a maritime theme.  This Wooden Sailboat Wall Hanging neatly filled the need.  Follow along with the process used to create this unique one-of-a-kind piece of wall art.

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Live Edge Wood Benches

Finished Live Edge Benches by the FireTwo Live Edge Wood Benches created from the Yellow Pine that I milled in 2017 were produced as firepit chairs. We wanted something rustic so the two-inch thick pine worked nicely for this project.  I used some pallet wood supports for the cross pieces for the benches and left the milling marks and staining on the surface.  They are stable heavy and look very rustic with a minimum amount of spit and polish.

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Outdoor Wood Bench Restoration

Outdoor Wood Bench RestorationOver the years an outdoor wood bench sat looking over the 17th hole of the Heritage Golf Links.  Each night for about 20 years an elderly couple sat and watched the sunset over the Calabogie Sound.  Time and tide were not gentle on this bench.  When the couple passed their family wanted to remember them by restoring the bench to usable condition.  I was tasked with restoring this Outdoor Wood Bench.

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Refinishing Teak Furniture

Refinishing Teak FurnitureLast year we finished up the repairs on the house in South Carolina. On the back porch, there were a couple of wooden chairs that had been sitting out in the weather for many years. While they were gray and had moss growing on them, I could tell that they were nice quality furniture. I suspected that they were teak but before I got started I wasn’t sure what wood they were made from. In any event, I decided that it was time to clean these up and see if there was anything under the grime. Here is the process that I use for refinishing teak furniture.

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Alaskan Sawmill Project | Revisited and Refined

alaskan-sawmill-clamp-detailsWhen I originally created the Alaskan Sawmill Jig, I used White Pine from Lowes.  While it worked fine for about 500 board feet of slabbing, eventually the softwood wouldn’t hold the clamps tight and splits in the wood began to appear. I have redone the clamps using Live Oak and created a set of plans for people to download.

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As a long-time Woodworker, I've built a variety of large and small projects.  I've learned to use the tools available to me to get the job done.

I'm currently building out my shop and starting to create again.  I need to work with wood or I'll go crazy.

Follow along on my journey to rebuild my woodworking shop and start a business from the ground up.

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