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Every tree has a story, I find an amazing assortment of these inside each tree.

A new perspective follows me into the woods searching for the heart that each tree has to offer.

My lifetime search leads me to discover the hidden gems and the masterpiece that lies within.


Join the search, follow me and learn!

Alaskan Sawmill Project | Revisited and Refined

alaskan-sawmill-clamp-detailsWhen I originally created the Alaskan Sawmill Jig, I used White Pine from Lowes.  While it worked fine for about 500 board feet of slabbing, eventually the softwood wouldn’t hold the clamps tight and splits in the wood began to appear. I have redone the clamps using Live Oak and created a set of plans for people to download.

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Yellow Pine Chainsaw Project

Sometime last fall (Fall of 2017) there was a windstorm that took down a huge yellow pine tree in our woods. I attacked two sections of this tree that contained straight relatively defect-free (or so I thought) with the chainsaw mill.

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Granberg File N Joint Review

I have purchased the Granberg file N joint Model #G106-B and given it a few tests to see how well it does keeping my chains sharp.  Have a look at this review and see what you think.

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Trying My Hand at Carving

Carving a PelicanEvery year for as long as I can remember, I would pop down to my shop in the basement and start making Christmas Presents. I need to find a jewel in the rough to give my new significant other for our first Christmas together. A piece of Black Cherry has presented itself for my inspection, perhaps a Pelican is hiding inside.

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Black Cherry Sawmill Project

Black Cherry LogThanksgiving day I was wandering in the woods and came across a Black Cherry tree that had fallen down. I couldn’t stand to see all of this beautiful wood going to waste so I went to work.

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Live Oak Sawmill Project

Live Oak First Cut CompleteHurrican Matthew provided 4 pieces of Live Oak for me to turn into a memorial of some sort.  (I have a few ideas for this wood) First, I need to turn the trunks into boards.

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Alaskan Sawmill Project

Alaskan Sawmill I have kept my eyes opened and found a few trees that have some value. The problem though is that in order to make these into usable wood they need to be milled into boards.

I needed a way to turn these into usable wood. An Alaskan Sawmill seemed to be the answer.

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Hurricane Matthew

October 8th, 2016 Hurricane Mathew roared onto Hilton Head Island as a Category II hurricane.  Winds were clocked at 88 MPH with gusts to 105.  Sadly there was not 1.21 Gigawatts available and no DeLorean ready and waiting to go, we couldn’t go back in time.  Just a lot of trees standing sentinel over the island.  Many of which did not survive the onslaught of the wind and 12-foot storm surge.

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As a long-time Woodworker, I've built a variety of large and small projects.  I've learned to use the tools available to me to get the job done.

I'm currently building out my shop and starting to create again.  I need to work with wood or I'll go crazy.

Follow along on my journey to rebuild my woodworking shop and start a business from the ground up.

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