As I complete projects, I’ll walk you through the process and provide the trials and tribulations that I encounter with various things.

I’m on a pretty tight budget although I have some funds to work with.  I’m recently divorced, we sold the house and the leftover proceeds from that sale are available to me to rebuild my life and my business.  I’ll be working to find a place to put my shop and to set up the machines that I was able to keep.  My jigs are all gone to the trash heap and will need to be rebuilt.  So follow along as I rebuild my life.

Black Cherry Sawmill Project

Black Cherry LogThanksgiving day I was wandering in the woods and came across a Black Cherry tree that had fallen down. I couldn’t stand to see all of this beautiful wood going to waste so I went to work.

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Live Oak Sawmill Project

Live Oak First Cut CompleteHurrican Matthew provided 4 pieces of Live Oak for me to turn into a memorial of some sort.  (I have a few ideas for this wood) First, I need to turn the trunks into boards.

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Alaskan Sawmill Project

Alaskan Sawmill I have kept my eyes opened and found a few trees that have some value. The problem though is that in order to make these into usable wood they need to be milled into boards.

I needed a way to turn these into usable wood. An Alaskan Sawmill seemed to be the answer.

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